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A new facility for Maynard Elementary School

A new facility for Maynard Elementary in Maynard, Arkansas was recently completed.  It houses approximately 16,000 square feet that includes six classrooms, a fine arts room, computer lab, library, multipurpose space and administration. This project was the second component of a two-phase plan that started with the new Maynard High School building.  It was completed first in 2016, then followed by the Elementary school.  Both buildings kept a similar architectural style and features to compliment the Maynard School District campus.

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Shawn Huffman joins the Team

Shawn Huffman joins the team as Project Manager with DILLE TRAXEL ARCHITECTURE. He is responsible for project coordination of all types.  Shawn has a solid background in construction, architectural design and drafting, computer renderings and 3D animation.

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Groundbreaking for Kidd’s Convenience Store

The groundbreaking for Kidd’s Convenience Store in Cape Girardeau, Missouri was held today at the construction site of the new store.  Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce, City of Cape Girardeau, Old Town Cape, business leaders and members of the community gathered on site to celebrate the ceremonial groundbreaking event with the Kidd’s family. 

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Marquee Restoration for Historic Rodgers Theatre

In an effort to retain the historical significance of the Historic Rodgers Theatre, dedicated citizens of the Poplar Bluff community are working to restore the marquee.  Boasting its early mid-century modern architecture and illuminated neon marquee, the Rodgers Theatre was built in 1914 by I. W. Rodgers on the corner of Pine and Broadway in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

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Progress for Maynard Elementary School

Progress continues for Maynard School District in Maynard, Arkansas as crews begin to pour footings for the new Maynard Elementary School.  Along with Delk Construction, DILLE TRAXEL Architecture is pleased to once again work with Superintendent Pat Rawlings to facilitate another successful project for the Maynard School District.

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First Missouri State Bank

We are proud to announce the design of the first LEED building in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. DILLE TRAXEL Architecture is collaborating with Hastings Architecture to complete a new facility for First Missouri State Bank.  The facility will be two stories and boasting 17,000 square feet clad in a thin limestone veneer. 

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