Libla Family Sports Complex Project: Before & After

Written by Dille Traxel on June 24, 2016
libla family sports complex after

After the Libla Family Sports Complex groundbreaking ceremony that was held in early April, 2016, crews began moving dirt for construction. To give you an idea as to the amount of dirt that was moved, we calculated that enough dirt was moved to fill over 27 Olympic-sized swimming pools!

After extensive planning and design work, we are excited to have this project underway!  The sports complex will provide seating for approximately 3,000 and boasting 48,240 square feet and will be the basketball venue for the Raiders and Lady Raiders basketball teams.  A 12,400 square foot FEMA multi-use safe room also doubles as the locker rooms for both basketball teams, weight rooms, training rooms and offices for coaches.  It will be a great example of how form and function are both best served when they are working together.http://three rivers college


Here is what the Libla Family Sports Complex will look like when it is finished:

libla family sports complex after

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